About Urban Survival Self-Defense

This system is not a classical martial art but a self-defense system developed selecting and adapting technics from different styles of martial arts. The idea is to create a self-defense system that suits to civilian and also to law enforcement adapting the civilian technics. USSD it was not created to compete with other civilian and law enforcement self-defense system but to help people to defend from aggressors. Since it's a dinamic system, all technics and ideas from other systems are always welcome and can be introduced in our teaching curriculum, where the continuous training is the key to success.

I hope to learn and advance in the future with other colleagues and everyone is always welcome to our system.


Martial compliments,


Carlos Manuel de Sousa dos Santos
6º Dan Urban Survival Self-Defense

6º Dan Martial Arts Police Methods
3º Dan Ninjutsu APN
2º Dan Ninjutsu Bujinkan